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How to use papaya to lose weight

The Papaya Diet – It Will Help You Lose Weight Quickly By Burning All Your Belly Fat!

As you probably already know, papaya is one of the best and healthiest fruits in the world. It contains a variety of nutrients which are important for our immune system and overall health, and will boost it on many different levels.

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Papayas have antioxidant, diuretic, slimming and nourishing properties. They’re rich in fiber which is essential for our digestion and can prevent problems such as constipation or indigestion. This is what makes papaya such a good choice of food if you’re trying to lose weight quickly and naturally. Today we’re going to show you how to add papaya in your diet and start losing weight, while also treating problems such as a weakened immune system, acne, gastritis and bloating. Furthermore, the fruit will also detoxify your body and help you in case of even more serious diseases.

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How to use papaya to lose weight

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The papaya diet we have for you today differs from other diets in its duration and efficiency. It only lasts for 2 days, but will certainly lower your weight and keep your health in check. The fruit will boost your metabolism like nothing else and help your body burn fat almost all the time. The diet is so powerful that it only lasts for 2 days – if you want to lose even more weight, you need to take a few weeks break before repeating another cycle.

Here’s what you need to do:


For breakfast, you should consume a smoothie made of ½ a papaya, oatmeal flakes and soy milkshake. This combination will give your body all the fiber it needs and boost your energy levels. Just mix everything in a blender and enjoy the delicious smoothie.

Mid-morning snack

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For a nice energetic snack, eat the remaining ½ papaya from breakfast.


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For lunch, you can have a plate of steamed vegetables and brown rice, accompanied by a glass of papaya juice and a bit of baked spinach and aubergines and green salad. The last two additions are optional – you don’t need to eat them if you can’t.

Mid-day snack

Your seconds snack should be a refreshing smoothie made of papaya and pineapple. Mix ½ a papaya with 2-3 pineapple slices in a blender or smoothie maker and drink it. If it’s too thick, you can add a bit of water and mix the smoothie again. This drink will provide you with enough fiber and only a small number of calories, good to keep you full until dinner.


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For dinner, you can have a bowl of veggie soup, whole wheat toast, some low-fat cheese with olive oil and steamed or baked artichokes. For desserts, you’re only allowed to eat a cup of papaya cubes.

Papaya seeds

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When eating a papaya, you must never throw out the seeds. The seeds contain a variety of nutrients which aren’t present in the flesh, and have been used against intestinal parasites, gut inflammation and liver and kidney problems for a long time. To consume them, crush a handful of seeds (you can use a food processor), then mix them with a bit of yogurt or orange juice. Consume the seeds every day and follow the diet and you will be able to lose a nice amount of weight in only a few days!


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